[Tsundere] Dragon Half OVA - 02 [DVDRip 768x576 10bit AC3][43F5645F].mkv_snapshot_00.05_[2016.07.08_00.46.43]

Dragon Half OVA v2 DVDrip

Mink—the daughter of a dragon and a retired dragonslaying knight—sets out on a journey to get tickets for a concert held by Dick Saucer, world-famous teen idol and dragon hunter.
Meanwhile, the corrupt king of the land is trying to take her hostage to get at her mother, and his magic-using daughter seeks to foil Mink’s quest out of sheer spite.

This is to replace my 2011 release of the Dragon Half OVA with new encodes and reworked scripts.
They should’ve made it a six episode series tho.
One you get in it, it’s pretty entertaining to watch.

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(Un-)drop it like it’s hot

So essentially, there’s a few series that I’d like to give a status for as the conditions have changed over the years.

Koihime Musou is slowly being prepared to be worked on, so one might expect something in some time.
Needless can be resumed whenever I got my harddisks back – the BDs are unfortunately stored on one of ’em.
Da Capo might also be an excellent option to spend some time with, although a rather lengthy and possibly annoying series to work on.
I might also give in to the Shana franchise depending on what choices there are; likely not many since the BDs were shit in the first place.
Other plans are the Penguin Musume Heart ONA with -improved- Chihiro-scripts, REC TV with Yoroshiku scripts, as well as K-On S2 and Ore no Imouto S2 yay.
As for Gokujo, well, I might work on a BD version under another, very secret label.
This also may apply to EVA, Triage X, ItsuTen (lol- wait…), LoLHeroes and other titles.

Netoge 12_001_33732

Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta (BS11)

Okay we’re done.
This post encloses the first and only direct TV fansub project I’m doing with others at Tsundere as it’s way too much of a hassle with my work schedule and all.
Staff listing:
Editor: llyyr (1+)
QC: cruelnoise (3+)
TLC: Tobikage (4+)
Encodes: neko-raws (5+)
OCR: Yogicat (7)
OPED: Mori

Next up, well, are the Blurays for which I might consider a joint with a certain group… we’ll see.
Essentially, since I’m staff in both groups, it doesn’t matter much.
Script mistakes and small improvements will be made to the scripts as I release the volumes, as usual.
You may also expect a bunch of series soon, such as NNB S2, OreImo S2 and K-On S2.
Until then, do enjoy your stay and feel free to report errors to me via IRC or the table.

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