Tales of Symphonia OVA (again) United Worlds Arc ep02v2

Have a patch right here,

a fun notice that actually the Tethe’alla + Sekai Tougou-hen Episodes are 8bit, not 10bit as tagged in the filenames and thus, this episode will have the 8bit tag in the filename after patching.
I’m not even doing a new batch release torrent as I presume people to be too stupid
to rename their existing files before hashing.
Now that you know this, also have a torrent for the fixed episode.

Torrent (NT)


PMH DVDs 15+16

Well here we are with only 7 more episodes to go.
The release still lacks an OPED-TL because fansubbing died a while ago but if there’s anyone popping up with a translation, I’ll happily revise the scripts.

So far, so good. Move on.

Torrent (NT)

1226 Questionable Wallpapers – The likely-final release

Okay, so, back in 2013 I had the glorious idea to create a wallpaper pack in 1920×1080 for slideshows and the likes.
The initial release included 500 images mixed in jpg(q95) and png(q5), then it grew to 750 and lastly to 1000 in mid-2014.
Ever since I’ve had around 200 more of these wallpapers to add to the project, just not 500 and so, I’m ending this with 1226 HQ-pictures of (almost/) naked anime girls; often edited to censor/resize/rescale/blah in oder to meet the Ecchi-genre because morals (lol).

Torrent (NT) | Torrent (AD)