Just a release post for the 2wei BDs

I think SP2 was okay on the 1080p version.
Just watched it and I didn’t notice anything odd.

720p: Torrent (NT)
720p SP2v2: Torrent (NT)

1080p: Torrent (NT)


A new release index design

It’s about time to revamp the release listing for the next year(s).
The new index will be separated into two tables; one for normal anime releases and the other one for obscure stuff.
Another reason for overhauling the index is that most of the crap listed on AD isn’t up to date anymore, plus they want their users to put their announce first which renders my NT-Torrents invalid, so I’m outta there.
Now, the new release listing will feature a grid design with smaller images for the (alphabetically sorted) series, and “interesting” information stating title, format and sub source underneath the pictures.
The site itself is already usable and accessible via the menu or following this link but is still missing out a lot of letters and series (esp. pre-2015 stuff), and it might take some time as I’m almost forced to do some reseeding for completed batches post-FPatch v1.5, but whatever.
That’s all; you may now proceed doing your wrongdoings.


KxS OVA BDs 06

I bet every anime girl puts on that face if you deflower her… just saying.
Starting from the next episode, I’ll use nishishi’s subs as they’re the only viable choice.
I think I recall timing an episode or two for skullking123 back when the DVDs were released but I’m not too sure anymore.

Moving on to the next topic; why not check out some uncensored hentai while being here?
[Hen-Time] is a small project to turn R1 releases into “acceptable” rips.
The interesting part is that every release there is uncensored and the Info page states the same – yay.
Also, my (disclaimer and) blog design looks hella similar to the one over there for some strange reason.

Torrent (NT)

Higurashi S01 DVDs 13/26

I have no idea why I discontinued this project, but well, here I go again.
This release uses modified (retimed, tsd, styled etc.) R1 subs from the DVDs (Dialog+OPED), R2 video and comes with fabulous FLAC audio – yay.
Coincidentially, Higurashi uses the same Dialog font styling as Sasameki Koto… I dunno why.
A short notice concerning Higurashi Kira: I have no idea if I’ll be doing it, but there’s always a chance that I jump at season 2 some day.
Same goes for the OVAs.
Please don’t ask me.

Torrent (NT)

Sasameki Koto BDs

Well, there you have the whole thing.
For those who don’t remember, this series uses (modified) OnDeed subs which are based on Chihiro’s scripts as far as I recall.
As previously stated, this series is boring as just nothing happens in it.
It’s basically the holding-hands equivalent of Sakura Trick.
You can give it a try for the heck of it, but I’d rather not watch it again…
Ep11 aside <- that’s the pool episode.

Torrent (NT)