Renai Boukun TV 07

Please do not play this on a Celeron.
Throw your Celeron away, burn it and be ashamed of yourself for having a Celeron.
Seriously tho, the sign around the 14:30min mark is rather heavy.
Powered by pinot noir rosé wine.

On a sidenote, I’ve learned that there are now “malicious subtitles”, created to grant full remote access to any victim’s machine.
No official Tsundere release found on the blog or related sites feature these.
The worst you can expect in terms of being “bad” over here is straight Crunchy.

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Netoge BDs

About one year ago, I thought about how it’d be cool to do a weekly series – this.
It started off as a simple CR edit with memes removed and somehow turned into a full-blown project involving various people from everywhere.

As the TV airing was over, BDs were nowhere to be found until April 2017 so the project was temporarily stalled.
Thanks to a certain user, I managed to pull the publically unavailable Volumes 3 to 6 to my local machine and went ahead.
The updated scripts feature few to many corrections concerning timing/TSing, so downloading this version should be preferred over the TV release from 2016.

That being said, I’m somewhat glad its over because Netoge wasn’t that good of a series.

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Renai Boukun TV 06

This week’s the long-awaited beach episode which provides us with Akane-service, more bad drama and the Gasai Yuno-clone appears again.
Overall a better than episode five, but not half as fun as episode one.
I don’t get why they try so hard to keep the drama value so high in a nonsense comedy series.
(01:26:13) (vil) i think most of the drama is sposed to be taken semi-seriously
Still, it’s lame – muh family issues!1!!11one muh love struggling!!1
My goodness… and, I’ve never seen a worse little sister than Akua.

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Trackers, Caches, Reseeding and idiots

I’m not jumping on the NT replacement(s) – none of them.
Releases will be uploaded to anidex and minglong as long as I deem it reasonable.
Be wary that none of the releases appearing on clone sites are “officially” affiliated with Tsundere.
As always, exceptions apply and so, nyaapantsu is a somewhat legit source – they’re the only people who actually contacted me and offered to support a possible migration (which is a nice move for showing care towards users).

Secondly, I’m willing to reseed ANY release upon request.
The versioning of episode numbers will be the same as on [XDCC]Botan (post FP1.5).
Just use the comments or bug me via IRC.