Madan no Ou to Vanadis BDRip

Let’s just pretend the previous batch didn’t happen, shall we?

If you have the episodes 06(v1) and either 08(v1) or 08v2, the patch will update to 06v2 and 08v3. I don’t recommend patching if 08v1 and 08v2 are both present.

Edit 19.09.2015: Please have some patience waiting for 08v4 and SP04v2.
We somehow missed the FOURTH encoding error during ep8 and SP4 isn’t shifted correctly, apparently.

Get it here

Batch Torrent (NT)


11 thoughts on “Madan no Ou to Vanadis BDRip

  1. A7X

    The subs for Vanadi-chu 04 do not seem to match with the video. I’ve looked at it at least, and it doesn’t match. Not to mention I get a lag at the title because of whatever font(s) were used.


    1. squiggy Post author

      That’s right, indeed. It seems Salender’s raw had a 1s interval of black which I didn’t take into account when shifting. I’ll fix it along with the final patch coming in late Spetember.


  2. Asinine

    Thanks! I like the new site, glad i can finally comment on here without jumping through lots of hoops are you going to be adding the old posts back?


  3. The Maven

    There is some problem with the video in episode 08v3 at the 9:07 mark. Screen goes grey for a couple of seconds. I have checked my checksum and it matches 09C324BF.


  4. niiya

    Thanks, just finished watching it! I noticed a few typos and different meanings in subs vs. audio but they’re fairly minor. Ep1-5 have a chapter at the end of the file which makes MPC-BE (maybe others too) unable to skip to next file. Ep8’s video seems to be missing a keyframe at around 09:07 and shows up grey for a second.



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