Final Patch (finally)

Over the years, numerous series and other episodes have been released by me along with minor to major errors inside the sub scripts.
The so-called “Final Patch” will apply fixes throughout my releases, based on the table seen here.

If you wish to apply the patch on any of the above listed releases, simply move the respective file(s) into the patch folder and start [Tsundere] Final_Patch.bat

Xdelta will then look for existing files matching the above CRC(s) and patch accordingly. You may delete the old file afterwards as it becomes obsolete upon completion. Once you are done with patching all files you wish, you can move them out of the patch folder and delete said folder.

This mostly covers the Instructions.pdf – you can view detailed information either on the table or inside the pdf.
What the pdf does NOT cover are the CRCs for Vanadis, so here you have them:
E08(v3): 9C324BF | v4: 5279A168
Sp4: DE82072F | v2: A484DD46
That said, enjoy patching.

Torrent (NT)

8 thoughts on “Final Patch (finally)

  1. Arisu

    Well thank you, but you should remake the batch torrents because there will be a lot of people that will get the batch and never know it have files with errors.


  2. Commenter.

    I watched your Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai release and found a few errors. They should be on the google doc. By spacing, I meant that two concurrent lines are either overlapping or are too close. Placement means that the the line is out of the default subtitle position for no discernible reason


    1. squiggy Post author

      Oh my, that’s an awful lot of errors I’ve produced. I’ll give the episodes you described a check and probably release an overall patch for that series :/
      Thanks for reporting~


      1. Commenter.

        Thanks for giving it a look. I’m planning to give your season 2 release a watch next week. I will let you know if I find anything.



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