I don’t believe in supernatural cases but this is an odd occurence

Sit down round ye olde campfire, for Squiggy has a little story to tell:
No, seriously, I’m thinking about this in hindsight and it leaves me puzzled… this isn’t made up.

Over the years, my relatives have put money every now and then onto a bank account. At the age of 18, I was able to access it, yet had always been held back by a certain relative who’d threaten me to empty my account if I were to withdraw any money without his/her consent. One day in 2010, I took some money in order to buy a new laptop without thinking and the next day, the account was empty. Being away 500km from home, I couldn’t do anything but wait – only to be notified that the ‘consequences had taken place’.

Time skip, September 2015. I’ve had severe problems funding my existance due to a huge lack of money for years. Reading a letter from the bank where the money had been deposited to, I took notice of a bank account unknown to me. Phoning the bank, it was revealed that said bank account was actually mine, running on my own name, full of my money. I obviously rushed to the next department and withdrew everything. I was finally able to pay all my debts, bills and finally spend some on the long-overdue revamp of furniture in my flat.

Now, the point is that just three days ago, I realized the date when all that happened was the 9th of September. This very date also happens to be Kyou’s birthday.
I’m not too fond of believing into parapsychological stuff but this is too much of a coincidence.Having been raised as a rational human being, I’ve long laid beliefs and religion aside – yet this is something I can’t differentiate.

However you interpret this short story, you may come to the conclusion that no matter how shit you life is, there will be a day where you’ll be rewarded for walking through the depths of humanity. Keep your heads up.

In my case… I deeply love you, Kyou.


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