Joshikousei DVDRip

Well, this was a lot of work…
The first episode surfaced in August 2014 or so, so finishing Joshikousei took me over 14 months but now I’m done.
The subs originate from the (official R1) EEE-rip, a somewhat carefully assembled ac3 from the DVDISO and watchable chinese raws (WLGO/CASO(sp2)), retimed and typesetted where needed.
I daresay this is your best choice, given you plan on watching or archiving Joshikousei.
Episode 06 now has a v2 (small script fix) and you can obtain the patch here or download the Batch torrent.
That’d be all, enjoy watching etc…

Torrent (NT)

7 thoughts on “Joshikousei DVDRip

      1. Pisces

        Strange, I tried patch some anime now foe example, and works.
        I already patch alot anime , works.
        But this not working for me.
        Take full episode, then…
        Thanks for release.


        1. squiggy Post author

          I’ve tested the patch using 06v1 to patch it to 06v2 on the server and it worked just fine. Maybe your initial file is corrupted?


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