Sabagebu! BDRip 02/12

Momoka is a high school student who’s mastered the art of blending in after transferring from one school to another several times.
Despite her ability to fly under the radar, she finds herself recruited by her new school’s survival game club.
Most of the other girls in the club are a bit eccentric in one way or another:
there’s the wealthy gun nut, the cosplaying otaku, and the seemingly cute girl with a terrifying dark side.
Momoka, however, is just as eccentric herself.

Saeval asked me if I wanted to do it and I didn’t mind, so here you go~
Subs used: A-Koi
How does this differ from the GS release? 1.) Video quality is better and 2.) I did some changes to the script, timing-wise (lead-in/out etc)
720p only because of the source being native 720p.

Torrent (NT)

6 thoughts on “Sabagebu! BDRip 02/12

        1. squiggy Post author

          That’d be actually cool if you wanted to do such a thing.
          In case you are still wanting to do it by the time you’re reading this post, let’s talk the small details over IRC, shall we?


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