Squiggy’s Creativity Corner Part 4: The Waifu-zzle

So when I moved in, I always thought of my wall being kinda empty.
Posters don’t cut it for me anymore, photos are all digital and wand tattoos are gay, so I came up with the idea of hanging up a jigsaw puzzle using a custom motive.
It just so happened that I HNNNNGGG’d at a certain wallpaper of mine, so I took it as motive and processed the order via interwebs.
The puzzle of 2000pcs arrived a few days ago, measures 90x67cm and was delivered in two packs, 1000pcs each.

T1.0 T1.1

By the end of Day 1, only the borders were done.

The second day delivered eyes, a bunch of lines and a part of the shelf on the right.
T2.1 T3.1

Day three was also pretty straightforward with a lot of details being filled…
T3.2 T3.3

By the end of Day 4, I had the hair portion done and the outside balcony as well.
The hair only had a slight gradient aside from the dark portions, so working was trouble… but not as much as on her pullover.
T4.1 T4.2 T4.3

And after a relaxed weekend and another four or five hours of straight puzzling, it was done just a few minutes ago. You better check this awesomeness out!

Said huge puzzle is now waiting for the frame to be delivered. I’m going to hang it on the wall behind my book I guess…
In any case, you guys should consider buying a large puzzle for your rooms – it looks absolutely fantastic, covers a huge portion of the wall and on top of that, such a puzzle is unique by it’s own.
Nobody else has something like that.

4 thoughts on “Squiggy’s Creativity Corner Part 4: The Waifu-zzle

      1. Statix

        A bit expensive but overall quality is pretty nice. Where did you order it? It’s look like a good idea both for a present for someone and a present for yourself.



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