ISIS and you?

Imagine: you woke up and it was suddenly war.
How fucked are you?
Very, very fucked.
With the recent bombings in Paris, France, terrorists have taken a massive step towards a third world war.
It won’t be much longer before they’ll hit Germany, my home country.

Over 25.000 people have read my blog within the past six weeks so it’s safe to assume my word is being read and I even want you to do it:
I want you to know that I hate terrorism,
I want you to acknowledge terrorists have no right to live and should be executed (read: EX-E-CU-TED) right on the spot,
I want you to take ANY neccessities against those ISIS lowlifes – slap em, cut their wrists, murder them,
I want the world to be free from a terrorist group which forces thier medival standards
on western countries,
I want you to take a deep breath,
I want you to support refugees from all over the world to the degree you can support them
by your own means,
I want you to treat terrorists like the worst kind of shit, think of them as shit and nothing but shit, look down on them and spit on their graves,
I want politics to actually ACT THE FUCK UP and do preemptive measurements concerning an upcoming mass exodus instead of repairing streets and then put their hands over their heads as if it’s something they could absolutely not have foreseen (It’s been war in Syria for years – goddamn),
I want you to finally notice that religious fanatism is making your own religion laughable,
and I want you to NOT BE MISLED by the media, such as television since all they do is point out negativities.

And lastly, I want you to know about how I think of ISIS: it’s the worst kind of shit-thinking group of subhuman beings that’s ever happened to humanity and I honestly wish for everyone participating in it to have a very painful, slow and really gruesome death.

I’m not going to elaborate my positon using empirical statistics to keep it objective – no, this is personal and strictly subjective.
Terrorism affects everyone and as long you’re not one of them, you should be nodding right now.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day/morning/evening.



One thought on “ISIS and you?

  1. Statix

    Agreed. I think the major problem is people are stupid and they never learned from history. The point is religion is just a tool for control people. All in their magic book is bullshit. There’s nothing good about it and people just blindly believe everything about it without questioning. People wage war and killing other people in the name of their gods is just disgusting. I was involved in topics about religion on internet many times and all of them either ignorance about everything even their own religion or crazy, all the crazy ones are the pain, can’t reasoning with them, their head is fucked up and they don’t have any logic how to think at all and when they got cornered with reasoning they will always without fail put a death threat on you. If you see one in real life stay away from them and keep your mouth shut don’t speak your mind or else they gonna attack you in the name of their god/their religion/good deed.



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