Plans & Upcoming Series

People love updates and so do you, right?
Well, here is what’s up:

Presently, I’m doing ???-series with GJM and FLCL BDs with ???-group
???-group will also toss me Code Geass and maybe Umineko and Triage X.
If Oosran wants me to continue with LOLH, I’ll do that too.
So much for the other departements.

This one is going to get a few new entries, such as AniTore EX (BDs at the 26th Feb), maybe Bikini Warriors BDs and Shukufuku no Campanella BDS  in near future.
Index season two will also follow the first one whenever I get around to doing it.
Plus, there’s one more secret project I’m not telling you about.

That’s all.



8 thoughts on “Plans & Upcoming Series

    1. squiggy Post author

      Sadly no progress on there.
      I lost my access to u2 a while ago so I can’t get the BDs from there.
      However, since i don’t see any sign about even raws of Vol5, I’m just guessing that nobody’s uploaded them for now…


    1. squiggy Post author

      It crashed this morning while I was away.
      The packlist does work right now.
      If such an issue comes up, feel free to contact me via IRC (button on the right with Kyou waving) and I’ll do my fastest to get rid of it.


      1. Nimious

        Woah, Derp is still working on the release? Hasn’t it been like five years since the last post on LOLH? Glad to hear it’s not dropped but when you say it’s still distant that’s worrying :[.

        Do you think it’ll be done in a year? I’ve held off on the series as Final8’s version isn’t very good.



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