In order to keep you up to date…

There have been some changes to my projects as of late:

-Hyouka: torchlight and ralnic are revising the current scripts. This means 01+02 will get a v2 no matter what and the remaining episodes will make use of said revised scripts

-Lucky Star: I jointed up with ANE, meaning LS gets some v3s (pls) for 01-04 and a new set of raws

-Kaze no Stigma: Having learned how to deal with most R2DVDs finally enables me to do this project and finish it once and for all. You’ll get a completely new approach on KnS except for the subs still being R1 (mod.)

-House of Five Leaves: Yep, isos are there…

-Final Patch v1.5: Will be released at the 24th December as a christmas present to you impatient leechers. It’ll contain further fixes for series like Haganai, depending on what has been added to the table until then. It will also include all previous single-episode-patches, just in case you’ve missed one of them.

-Needless: I might undrop it

-Illya Herz: Soon



3 thoughts on “In order to keep you up to date…

  1. Aver

    I am really glad Kaze No Stigma is being worked on again, keep up the amazing work but don’t forget to take a break!



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