Final Patch 1.5 coming up!

You may have heard that this project is always striving for “perfect” releases, so I came up with the idea of having a general patch for multiple episodes and series.

I’ve released an initial version (1.0) in September 2015 which fixes 32 episodes over 11 series – so far, so good.
But as you know, the further a project advances, the higher the possiblity is that newer episodes are released with errors and some older errors may have been left unnoticed (Haganai).
To put an end to all this, I’ve thought of including all ‘loose’ patches, such as those for Daimaou, Toradora and MagiPoka (read: Patches that have been provided with the batch torrent and separately), as well as everything people have and will be listing here.

The 24th of December 2015 will mark the release date of the Final Patch 1.5 and will include fixes for over 70 episodes so you can tell the errors goodbye once and for all.
Until the 22th, you are able (and highly encouraged) to add any errors you found to the above linked table and improve the release.
I will be doing my best to create the respective xdelta patches and write up a lengthy but necessary instruction sheet so everything goes well (and test it myself, of course).

Ongoing series are NOT affected by the final patch and will be dealt with respectively.

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