Not wishing you a Happy New Year

2015 was, well… an interesting year.

I learned that studying isn’t as easy as one would tink in the beginning, for example.
The very first thing worth mentioning was that I received a revised and overall longer, all awesome with a hardcover, printed version of the novel I have been writing on since 2010. In early 2012, I ordered the 76pages story and put it off for a while. As 2014 was coming to a close, something stuck me and I ended up extending the story to 156 pages and once again, had a book printing company send it to me. Right now, I’m adding little bits as the days pass as well.

My financial problems got solved after years on the 9th of September as well (which ironically is Kyou’s brithday), after which I went to buy the figure, furniture and paid all remaining bills.




Another thing was the release of the”Final” Patch that I had planned to be the last release of this project. This didn’t went as planned, somehow – shut up.

Oh, and check out the puzzle I got, originating from a wallpaper I made in November 2014. It’s 2000 pieces, almost one meter long and is hanging proudly on my wall. People have been reported of now being able to take the powerlevel but I love it.

Overall, it was a pretty okay year I’d say. Better than 2014 which started out with me completing an application as a restaurant expert and working my ass off for six months.

2016, however, won’t be that easy going either as exams are knocking in January and I should be learning instead of planning out my holidays until the 5th but eh…

What else has happened?
Since April, the refugeee crisis got ‘real’, as in millions of refugees fleeing from terrorist-infested areas such as Syria.
Millions of them had to leave their home because assholes that call themselves Islamic State were and still are going nuts.
In November, Paris got attacked by there assholes whoe killed over 100 people, leading to widespread bombings on areas infected by the IS.
If you ask me, while bombing isn’t the most peaceful action one can take, it seems to take effect. If you want to talk to their leaders in aspiration of dealing with the matter in a peaceful manner; sure go ahead, but don’t come crying to me: “Boohoo they beheaded me…”

All in all, 2015 was a pretty eventful year and may not have been the best year for some… but I’m glad it went well for me, seeing how the preceding didn’t.
In any case, Happy New Year!



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