Shukufuku no Campanella BDRip

Aaaand I’m done.
The following may be relevant to your interests:
I mislabelled ep1 and 2 as Skukufuku, not Shukufuku – silly me.
In order to resume the batch torrent properly, please rename the respective episodes.
Otherwise, there’s not much more to say about the series…
It’s your generic harem with tons of fanservice and some forced (pretty bad) drama at the end; overall a 6.5/10.
I’ve used Commie subs for this, fixed hundreds of scenebleeds and… here you go.

I’m trying my best to finish up the current series as fast as possible by pushing allnighters but even at maximum speed, an episode of Lucky Star takes me at least 60 minutes and some nerves.
Bear with me, okay? ;_;
If you want to, you can donate a few coins so I don’t have to pay for the server with the little money I got.
In case you wonder what happened to Higurashi: I didn’t really drop it per se – it’s just that BakaProxy asked me to continue it under LNS with BD raws (720p) and a different set of subs which I agreed to.

Torrent (NT)

6 thoughts on “Shukufuku no Campanella BDRip

    1. squiggy Post author

      But it IS really forced there. You can’t deny that. It’s harem-SoL for 4/5th of the series and suddenly, someone wants to… ah well, watch it yourself.


  1. WhoBeDaPlaya

    Couple of QA notes for you guys (in case you want to make a v2 / patch) :

    Karaoke for E01 ED is out of sync
    – dialogue is fine
    E02 as well (coming in too early)
    — seem to be earlier (~ Earl Grey



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