11 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II BDRip 12/24+1

  1. cybernaut

    Hi, I see that you stalled the project, any reason? I was waiting on your BD’s nothing against the rest but the quality put for SAO II is great. Just let me know what’s up if you can :)



    1. squiggy Post author

      The main reason is that denpa, who requested me to do it, has gone all “real life business” now and the fact that Hiryuu’s KFX on the OPED is annoying as hell to fix up (doesn’t scale well to 1080p).
      I’m, however, not going to drop it and will finish the work at some point – along with S01.
      Just not now.

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        1. squiggy Post author

          You can usually find me on #tsundere over at the rizon IRC.
          If I’m not there, leave Kyou a message or a few~
          I’m unfortunately quite short on time for the next few days since New Year’s upcoming and such and even shorter on time to spend on fansubbing (and Blacklist Blurays lol).


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