Ani Tore EX! BDRip

All you lazy fucks; get your act together as these five will help you working out!
Ani Tore EX! certainly is something… in terms of fanservice.
I really doubt it’s anywhere close to helping you work out – the exercises are directed at women and I don’t think a single woman watches this series (for obvious reasons).
Once again, subs by Commie.

It’s 720p native so I can’t provide a 1080p release.

Torrent (NT)

5 thoughts on “Ani Tore EX! BDRip

  1. Shineek

    Any chances you do the second season? In most previous cases retiming tv subs to blueray raws didnt take much skill, but this one is a total mess, with new short scenes here and there changing the timing every few seconds, not to mention new lines of text. With the basic skills i have its just too much.


    1. squiggy Post author

      I went ahead, downloaded the BD and encoded it, only to notice that they put extra lines in the episodes (3-7 each) which weren’t present during the TV airing.
      I’ll churn S02 out whenever I get a TL for those.


      1. Shineek

        Well those extra lines are in episode 1 as well, think 2 or 3 extra lines, but there are also 30 seconds of extra scenes or some others being longer thats whats making this impossible for me to retime. The TV epsiodes are 3:58 in length while the BD versions are around 4:30. Most of the time BD’s just get less censoring or a little better animations, sometimes even dont change at all, thats why taking the TV subs and adding them to a BD raw is something i can do with my basic retiming skills. But this case is different.



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