To Aru Majutsu no Index II BDRip

>dat ass

Subs by UTW-Mazui, modified in order to get rids of scenebleeds and weird timings

Torrent (ML)

Episode 01v2+v3 Patch (XUP)


20 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index II BDRip

  1. Xcal

    Apologies if you’ve mentioned elsewhere Squiggy, but were you planning to do Railgun season 1 as well? Would be great to have the whole franchise from you.


    1. Xcal

      Can’t believe I missed that. Thanks! Elysium’s video looks overly processed and the Yosei batch appears to be a bloated mess so I’ll download yours and check it out.


      1. steve

        My mistake (I should really check before leaving comments)

        I didn’t see the “found a mistake tab” and went ahead and fixed it myself.



  2. Tykee

    Squiggy-sama can you please redownload a full clean BD batch cause the patchlinks is dead 10/18/2017, Thanks a lot :)



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