Please update your RSS and trackerlisting

I’m not uploading to NTorrents anymore.
Please align your RSS if using it as I will be switching to anidex.
TT feeds will not be affected, instead they’ll only feature a new tracker.
A certain group leader felt it necessary to report my release to a certain staff in order to tag my release as remake and they actually did it despite there was no release in three years for KWMS.
Seems I was good enough to distro for them and shift subs on 15 series over the time, but that’s it.
I will be doing my planned re-seed via anidex and minglong – now it’s come to me being in kindergarten again.
To give you a treat, said reseed will include the current versioning numbers (post FPatch 1.5) so you won’t have to patch anything after downloading.
I’m too old for this shit…
RSS is already set to grab the latest uploads.

Consult my anidex profile for status, latest torrents and magnets.


5 thoughts on “Please update your RSS and trackerlisting

  1. Asinine

    Wow there really are some jewish moderators, keep it up squiggy are you going to keep existing torrents on nyaa alive / seeded?


    1. squiggy Post author

      Yup, the existing ones will be kept – except all batches done in March 2016 – and seeded for a while longer… at least until I’ve fully migrated to anidex.


  2. Nimious


    Will you make a new torrent for your [t4d] Cleavage?

    I know I asked you a month ago to reseed and I appreciate it as I got nearly 5% more to 95.5% but I still need a bit more.

    Three more months and I would have been torrenting this for a year :D.


  3. Herkz

    I have no clue what constitutes a remake on nyaa and I’ve read the rules like 5 times. One way or another, you’re still subbing, and that’s all that matters to me. Thanks a lot, for all the shows I’ve seen, and for all those to come.

    Liked by 1 person


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