Oh come on Nyaatorrents

A few may have noticed I had to switch trackers because I got a remake for doing a release FFF hasn’t done shit to in three freaking years.
Laying aside that I used to be FFF staff, a certain Commie staff member then used twitter to share his ‘utterly important’ statement, called me “ragequitting”.
So I inquired him to that what quickly resulted in a kickban from their irc which I didn’t really mind.
What I do mind tho, is that he disassociated all my torrents from my account because he’s scared of me deleting all of my torrents like a 13 years old kid.
I don’t deny having deleted 3-4 but it’s my fucking choice you son of a bitch and the affected torrents were just a few batches..
But no, that’s not all: My server is unable to upload torrents but announces work fine, so it’s only letting me seed my disassociated torrents from now on.
If that’s not true, why do I get a teapot error on my server and why does it work fine from home?

This in fact does upset me.
I’d highly advise you people to refrain from using Nyaatorrents any further since that’s the way a long-time uploader who puts work into his releases gets treated for choosing a replacement -> like shit.

Goddamn autist… and thanks for the free advertising your dumb twatter posts have gotten interested readers to get here.
Maybe they’ll realize how childish and pathetic your behaviour is.


3 thoughts on “Oh come on Nyaatorrents

  1. Nimious

    Wow. While I do think your argument for the remake situation is correct I also think you’ve overreacted. Still that’s some surprisingly ugly behavior from herkz over what is really another “minor incident” where he’s clearly overreacted as well. I’m really appalled by the lack of respect you’re given Squiggy and I hope there’s a better resolution than this.


  2. random fan

    Let’s just move on and let them have their fun in their little garden-nyaa.
    It’s not like they own any anime rip or translation they made anyway…
    They weren’t autorized to anything by copyright owners, period. ;)
    Side note, I don’t find their reaction unexpected, that kind of ppl is abundant… sadly.
    If you release maid-sama, you’re wellcome, I have a bunch of titles I’d like a nice encode and they never completed them.


  3. oct9

    have to agree with you on yr. comments. nyaa has been guilty of much douche bag behavior over the years (just think doki), but god-dammit, we’re just so used to it. anyway keep on fighting the good fight and thanks for all yr. excellent releases!



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