12 thoughts on “K-On! BDRip

  1. Eruzo

    Thanks, will check it out and probably replace Thora with this. Now I’m really looking forward to S2 as Thora never finished it.


  2. Shitsumon

    Whose subs did you use for episode 14? Thora’s release for that special episode is significantly better. There’s even an untranslated line in your release for that ep. :(


    1. squiggy Post author

      I may have forgotten to uncomment that line so you can expect a fix for that in a VERY short time.
      Subs are based on Frostii, as the release post says~


      1. Shitsumon

        Odd. Do you happen to know whose subs Thora used then? As I find the translation and sentence flow to be much better.

        Also, any plans on pushing the release to Bakabt as the definitive encode of K-on in replacement of Thora over there?



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