Hellsing (2001) DVDRip 02/13

Decades ago, the legendary Dr. Abraham Van Helsing and his companions defeated Count Dracula, one of the world’s deadliest vampires.
After this success his name was used in the founding of the Hellsing Organization, a British task force with the duty of eliminating supernatural threats.
Hellsing follows the exploits of that very organization.
Led by Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, the Hellsing Organization finds its trump card not in the power of man, but in the strength of a monster it has tamed.
Alucard, one of the oldest and most powerful vampires in existence, now hunts his fellow monsters at Hellsing’s bequest.
Alongside new recruit Seras Victoria, Alucard will find that a new threat has arisen, one greater than anything the Hellsing Organization has ever dealt with before.

And another one: Sourced from the R2J ISOs with fresh 10bit video and AC3 audio, Moonfire and I bring you the 2001’s classic Hellsing; starring the adorable Seras Victoria and one of the most badass protagonists, Alucard.
Hellsing aired back around 2001 on German TV channel VIVA, back when it was still a music channel and I couldn’t believe all the gore, blood and violence but somehow couldn’t stop watching it because of the excessive awesomeness Hellsing brought to my screen.
I guess it’s one of my gateway anime?
The subs being used for this are the official R1 subs from the DVDs, retimed by Moonfire and modified/finalized by yours truly.
This is already done in crf15 with fade-compensate 0.8 if you wonder about the filesize and yes, it’s 2ch AC3 audio.

Torrent (AD) | Torrent (ML)

5 thoughts on “Hellsing (2001) DVDRip 02/13

      1. nx6

        That’s too bad. I like watching it in dub for the English accents and the sometimes horrible lines in the English dub script.


  1. Fuyutsuki

    >tfw I watched this show for the first time a few months ago and all the releases were utter shit

    y u no doned dis some months ago ;_;

    lol, pretty nice project though. The show itself is crap compared to Ultimate, but it still deserves having a release that doesn’t suck.

    BTW did you know? According to Japan, it’s Arucard, because it’s Dracura spelled backwards. Or so it seems Crispin Freeman said.



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