Netoge 05/12

I’m too lazy to type out the name…
neko-raws has provided us with a raw this week as he offered to encode it last week but I totally forgot about it and stuff happened and a v2 got released on IRC and shit was upside down and I got a job now; thus the delay.

Torrent (AD) | Torrent (ML) | Torrent (NT)


6 thoughts on “Netoge 05/12

  1. Fuyutsuki

    Say, why the italics on the honorifics? No offense meant, but that’s a really stupid idea that’s bound to raise eyebrows both from those who prefer them kept and from those who’d rather have them removed.


      1. Fuyutsuki

        Oh no, I’m not bothered in the slightest. :D To begin with, I’m one of the (apparently very few) people who are entirely indifferent to whether honorifics are even present in the subs. I’m just curious because that’s a rather strange way of doing things, and as I mentioned I’m pretty sure it’s bound to get people flinging serious shit at you (like it was a life or death matter, because deciding on releases over freaking karaoke animation a few years ago clearly wasn’t enough collective idiocy to last the anime fandom the whole century), so I was wondering what your reason was. I’m also fairly sure that the other stuff I’ve watched from you didn’t have the italics, but my memory is awful so I could be wrong.

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      1. Fuyutsuki

        Oh, so that’s how it dug its way there, and I can also guess why it didn’t get removed. Mystery solved. Thanks.



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