Lucky Star BDRip

Well, that’s been some kind of a hellride… but I’m done, at last.
I’ve started working on LS 7 months ago with subripped afk subs and a (vfr) BDrip of it.
Now, it’s 2016 and the series finally comes to an end… thank god.
I’ve used Doki’s subs as base for the OVA if you wonder.
All scripts have been shifted, typeset and restyled, some parts retimed and other quirks applied to them – get yourself a piece.

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19 thoughts on “Lucky Star BDRip

  1. 1234

    Is it 100% raw a.f.k subs? I’m asking because it’s rather bad and simplified translation, which is literally killing humour of this show. They triend to translate some words which SHOULD be left in, in original (like moe etc), many references are 100% lost in translation.

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      1. squiggy Post author

        I left the Dialog as-is on the scripts. Changes were done to typesetting, styling of course and timing – although I kept it the original way it was timed.


      2. Z4ST1N

        Ah.. my bad. I remembered you mentioning Elysium’s version back when you started. Theirs was a heavily edited a.f.k, and I think I just assumed there was some reason for you to start from scratch instead of using theirs or something.

        I’d love to comment on whether their dialogue changes were good or if they untranslated moe and stuff, but that was like a thousand years ago so all I remember is I liked the show


      3. 1234

        “Thinking a good tl has absolutely anything to do with not translating stuff is dumb.”
        Translating and making up things are 2 different things. Also, professional translation =/= good translation. Fan translation = (usually, except obvious groups like commie, gg, DDY, FFF or other similar) good translation, because it’s made by fans for fans, without sacrificing a lot of menaing, culture nuances and other things. And one more thing, if I wanted to see a western show, I would watch a western show (not muricanized subs, which are giving me a headache, especially that I hear something totally different than it is “translated”).

        And well, “translating” moe as “Turn-ons”, this is one of the dumbest things which I’ve seen in a while. Not mentioning about the fact that 90% of conscious anime watchers (which knows for example that HS are not subbing anything and they just muxing official subs with official streams and there are many other groups available) know what “moe” and many other totally untranslatable words means.

        Translators are NOT a script writers. Translators shoud just translate, not add dialogues or change the script.

        PS. I’m talking about a.f.k all the time.

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      4. Z4ST1N

        Either way, Squiggy’s version is way better. You can mux the subs in from Elysium if you have to, I doubt they need to be retimed. But that dialogue styling is pure sex, you don’t wanna miss out on that.

        Besides, saying something is untranslatable is redundant since no translation can get across 100% of what is being said. Moe is translatable, so is tsundere, and so are honorifics. You have a preference, that’s fine, but writing a paragraph like that about why half-translated dialogue is better is a little silly

        @Squiggy thx for reseeding Kamisama no Memo-chou, I’ll leave it on my box for a few months


  2. Xcalibur

    Thanks for the hard work Squiggy. Greatly looking forward to K-ON S2 whenever you find time to start it!


  3. Ichigo69

    Kinda hate to bring up a dead topic, but there’s a [Tsundere] Lucky Star – 04v2 [BDRip h264 1280×720 FLAC][D40A042B].mkv that’s been stuck at 65% in my torrents for months now. Is there any way you can re-seed this or is this something that shouldn’t have been released? I can’t find it on Botan.


    1. squiggy Post author

      No idea lol, I’ll need to look into that.
      Edit: Okay, uh just keep the v1 file… I don’t have a muxed 04v2 file anywhere.
      It was part of a faulty v2 episodes (yes those exist) and I kept it at 04(v1).



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