Sabagebu Specials BDRip

Another project that comes to an end with this release.
Sourced from A-Koi (01-04) and other subs (05-06), reedited by jymmy and the rest done by Saeval and me, we’re proud to finish Sabagebu! incl. SPs.
The ride has been a lengthy one but it’s done at last.

Torrent (AD) | Torrent (ML)

9 thoughts on “Sabagebu Specials BDRip

  1. Z4ST1N

    Thanks a ton, man. I’m glad I can finally lay that shitty SP5 edit I posted on nyaa to rest. I dropped a bunch of fixes on your spreadsheet thingy, along with an extra sign in SP6 I managed to translate with a katakana chart and Google Translate


  2. DatGuy

    Hey Squiggy, can you put the [Staircase] Sora no Otoshimono Tokei Jikake no Angeloid Movie on the xdcc? I tried nyaa but it is pretty much dead. (And all the other alternatives of this movie seem to be shit)

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  3. monte

    I noticed that a few frames are fucked in SP1, for example at 9:27.984. Haven’t watched the others so I can’t comment on them.


  4. CirilCatington

    Thanks for the release!
    Small error in SP5: @04:52 there is an unstyled “forgets chopsticks” TS which should appear in the next scene.


  5. Stinky

    Yayy! Thanks! Sabagebu was epic…. they should make all American Girls watch it.
    Organize school airsoft teams in America, that would be great!!!


  6. RandomScrub

    Found some errors in the release as previously mentioned. Looked on the errors spreadsheet and didn’t see them there.
    SP 1 weird frames – 7:22 mark. 9:27 mark.
    SP 4 – weird frame 5:54 mark
    SP 5 – You called them “Survival Four Panel” instead of Survival Shorts like SP 2
    SP 6 – 4:25 mark Kayo who usually says Sonokawa has the subtitle Momoka instead
    weird frame 8:12 mark



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