Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso BDRip

I don’t like this ending at all.
Subs from Kaylith (ep1-3), Commie (ep4-22)
OPED from Kaylith (ep1-11), Commie (12-22 – with add. Romaji)
Special thanks to Govna for QCing and if you feel like it, give a shoutout to LNS when you see them passing by while scrolling for watchable BD releases.
OVA whenever

Torrent (NT)

5 thoughts on “Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso BDRip

  1. Holo

    Any chances on a v2 patch to add in stylized OP/ED karaoke subs present in the Kametsu release? They are really well done and they even have karaoke for episode 3’s twinkle twinkle little star segment. I’d swap out to their release since it is very close to being a definitive archive copy, but I far prefer the font used in yours, as well as the Kaylith subs for ep 1-3. :(



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