Kannazuki no Miko DVDRip (v2)

And that’s that.
Subs used are my old release which is based on zx (R1?).
Minor styling, timing and typesetting improvements and a fresh 10bit encode from the R2Js are to replace my 2014 release of lesbo-gundams, so eat up while its hot.
As always, feel free to yell at me via IRC or the table (top menu) in case you run into mistakes.

Torrent (AD) | Torrent (ML)


6 thoughts on “Kannazuki no Miko DVDRip (v2)

  1. Mockman

    Thanks for putting this together in such a nice package. I have the DVDs but I dislike how their subtitles look. I hope that Sasameki Koto is also continuing to progress.


  2. Asinine

    Thanks, BakaBT still has your old version, I guess you don’t really care about that website but do you have any plans on offering it?



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