Musaigen no Phantom World BDRip

And we’re done with Phantom World.
This batch contains the OVA (BD Special) and the 13 TV episodes in wonderful 1080p!
Subs used: Commie (Main) and Hitoku for the OVA Dialog plus Commie OPED, retimed, fixed TSing, aligned to Commie’s styling and a(n extra) pass of Editing, provided by Creator.
Encodes as usual by Saeval – feel free to say Hi to him if you feel like it.

Next up, we might have more NNB and Konosuba, Prisma Illya 3rei, finally a release of Penguin Musume Heart and/or a v3 of Kaze no Stigma with a different set of filters aaaaand Qualidea Code with HS subs and bits and pieces by me.
An uh, more…

Until then, grab yourself a slice of Mai— this while she—… it’s hot.

Torrent (NT)

17 thoughts on “Musaigen no Phantom World BDRip

    1. Kurausukun

      There fucking better have been. I didn’t use Commie’s subs for this show, but if it’s like all of their others, then CR would have been the far better option.


  1. Asinine

    Would you consider doing a legend of legendary heroes release? The BDs are quite cheap and there is plenty of releases with soft subs that you can use. All the BD releases for that show have recieved poor treatment (out of sync audio, bad encodes, incomplete releases etc). It’s also quite a good show if you haven’t seen it already.


    1. squiggy Post author

      Well, in theory, we’re working on it over at [Derp] but we all seem to be kinda MIA so there’s no sign of a release despite ep1-7 are looooooooooong done :(



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