Kaze no Stigma DVDs

Okay it’s done.
New encodes, little less haloing at the expense of losing details.
The source was utter shit to start with and I cba to scenefilter it… shut up and deal with it.
All 24 episodes have been checked multiple times, yet may or may not be 100% perfect (Hint).

Being one of my first tsundere anime series I’ve ever seen, KnS holds a special value to me – even more now that I am, after three years of forth and back, finally done fucking myself over with it.

Subs: R1
Video, Audio: R2ISOs
Rest: Me




15 thoughts on “Kaze no Stigma DVDs

  1. mirrorpurple

    your previous rip was decent enough, I wonder why people are ranting over such little things. Its a DVDrip, quality is bad enough, so there is little you can do make it “high quality”.
    Well done man. 10-bit with AC3, its a pretty nice package for me.


    1. squiggy Post author

      Yes, I do. For the time being it’s a bit outdated since I was gone for the past months but some stuff’s online – as for the rest, just grab a torrent or two.
      Aaaaand no, I never do Dual Audio as a matter of principle.


  2. kirikoon

    Cool, you still have that bot that had all ANE releases?
    Also I can wait for whenever you get your bots up to date. I’m in no rush.


    1. squiggy Post author

      At the moment, I can’t afford hosting my own server.
      I need a little time to recover from the past months but I’ll make it happen somehow…


  3. jacobswaggedup2

    Any comment about why an re-encoder might not find episode 10’s audio. the only difference (according to MediaInfo) is that episode 10 has a 10 second delay for the audio. Could this be the problem?


  4. Asinine

    Was waiting for this release to re-watch it since the last time I watched was back when it was airing.

    But damn It really didn’t live up to my memories there was so many things that felt ridiculous and it never did anything memorable.


    Why did Kazuma just forgive Misao for killing hundreds of innocent people so easily and her family?? And her motive to kill Kazuma was so weak that it was hard to believe she would go that far(and get tricked so easily). There was so much wrong going on here and I can’t even remember half of what happened in the show even though I just finished watching it last week.

    Overall the story and characters were so cliche that it didn’t age well at all.

    Sorry to rant on a release post I still really appreciate the release, just hoped the show was as good as i remembered.



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