The Final Clannad release…

…is about to happen.
The following episodes are now current (not counting v1’s):

Ep01: v3
Ep02: v2
Ep03: v2
Ep10: v2
Ep13: v2
Ep16: v2
Ep18: v2
Ep22: v2

Ep01: v2
Ep03: v3
Ep11: v2 v3
Ep15: v2
Ep16: v2
Ep23: v2

Although the Fixing Table stated there’d be forgotten fonts in AS ep11v2, it played back fine on my end and thus, there’s no v3.
(00:47:24) (~Squiggy) Ah wtf I’m just going to remux it as well for the fuck of it
K, here you have it – v3’d with odstemplik.ttf added to it.
AS ep15 came with a muxing error, so I remuxed the files.

Please do report any errors you have encountered during watching until 23rd of April 2017, which is the set date for my revised Clannad release.
I’d really hate doing a v4 of any sort or any more patching this or that.
Having watched random episodes here and there didnt give me any issues, so if there are any present, please check your version of the respective episode(s) (above) and yell at me.

Sincere regards,

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