Clannad BDs (Revised)

Time to release this into the wild.
Contains both seasons + OVAs – Subs originally by SS-Eclipse, modified by Doki and then modified by me (no editing done).
No encoding done.
Lots of v2s and v3s here and there, some of them are patched using the Final Patch 1.5 while some are not.

The most recent versions of ALL of my releases can be found on XDCC.

Torrent (AD)


14 thoughts on “Clannad BDs (Revised)

  1. Robert

    Thank you for making the original release even better.
    Could you please reseed if you aren’t atm? At this rate it will take more than a day for just the updated episodes. I will do the same for a week once done downloading.


  2. eutopian

    there is a picture problem was found in [Clannad ~ After Story – 03v3] when playback is 17:54 to 17:55, would you please fix this problem and re-upload torrent?


      1. eutopian

        Finally watching all the episodes, only the two problems mentioned above, others are good. Expect your revise version release, thank you again!


  3. bkaaz

    AB has a ep 10 v3 of Clannad but your XDCC which is supposed to have latest is v2, its [Tsundere] Clannad – 10v3 [BDRemux h264 1920×1080 LPCM][6C56194B].mkv. Which is right, v2 or v3? I’d imagine your v2 on XDCC but I have no idea how they have a v3, its weird. I’ll upload a fix if its supposed to be the v2 on XDCC.


    1. bkaaz

      v3 is listed as a link to your spreadsheet, where its listed ep 10 had a problem and was fixed, but shouldnt that mean ep 10 and 11 have v3?


      1. squiggy Post author

        uuuuh good question actually – I do think the version on the Bot is the current, like I believe I did something stupid to the v3 or something.
        I’ll check it out soon(tm)



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