Trackers, Caches, Reseeding and idiots

I’m not jumping on the NT replacement(s) – none of them.
Releases will be uploaded to anidex and minglong as long as I deem it reasonable.
Be wary that none of the releases appearing on clone sites are “officially” affiliated with Tsundere.
As always, exceptions apply and so, nyaapantsu is a somewhat legit source – they’re the only people who actually contacted me and offered to support a possible migration (which is a nice move for showing care towards users).

Secondly, I’m willing to reseed ANY release upon request.
The versioning of episode numbers will be the same as on [XDCC]Botan (post FP1.5).
Just use the comments or bug me via IRC.


16 thoughts on “Trackers, Caches, Reseeding and idiots

  1. Mizu Kanzaku

    Could you reseed the Clannad remux please, there are no seeds and can seed for a while when I am complete.


  2. Anon

    Would you seed?

    [Tsundere] Rosario to Vampire [BDRip h264 1280×720 10bit FLAC]
    Hash: d6b4f9f54b2619f23ea23833f646578986828f93



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