Netoge BDs

About one year ago, I thought about how it’d be cool to do a weekly series – this.
It started off as a simple CR edit with memes removed and somehow turned into a full-blown project involving various people from everywhere.

As the TV airing was over, BDs were nowhere to be found until April 2017 so the project was temporarily stalled.
Thanks to a certain user, I managed to pull the publically unavailable Volumes 3 to 6 to my local machine and went ahead.
The updated scripts feature few to many corrections concerning timing/TSing, so downloading this version should be preferred over the TV release from 2016.

That being said, I’m somewhat glad its over because Netoge wasn’t that good of a series.

Torrent (NT)

15 thoughts on “Netoge BDs

  1. Hatzu

    It’s not like I’m super grateful for you providing this for us or anything, it’s just that this show was really good, that’s all!


      1. Hatzu

        Not at all! :D All the girls where great and the teacher was super cute. I liked how it dodged the whole harem thing by establishing the couple right from the start(not that I dislike harem shows, not at all) and that she is a troublesome girlfriend, reminded me a bit about Golden Time. I ship Kyou x Batz da ze!


        1. squiggy Post author

          There was zero romance in it.
          It took them way too long to even get close to each other and nothing happened in the end.
          MC is an autistic, deluded autist who whines about Ako not differenciating between reality and games all the time but is too stupid to realize she’s really in love with him and ends up being beta as fuck.
          The only plot progression was basically in-game.


      2. Hatzu

        It’s interesting how you flipped the roles, that MC is the mentally challenged one, perhaps it’s a difference in our own perceptions of net-relationships. Much like the MC from Golden Time I find him rather brave for attempting to engage in a relationship with such a person, given a choice of someone else one could of course also call it stupid, but such can be the folly of bravery. Now this is a lighthearted and wacky show, which I would expect given the shows name and I was not disappointed, but I do agree with your sentiment that it could be interesting to watch/read a series that tackles the subject matter more seriously, however I wasn’t expecting this to be such. I could go on about why I like it and why I found it charming that most of their progression was in-game, but that still wont change your own experience. Rather I would like to say that even if you didn’t like it personally, your efforts are much appreciated by those who did, so be of good cheer!


        1. squiggy Post author

          I mean it’s like he didn’t even want to get closer to Ako but for the purpose of getting her out of the state she was in.
          Like, what would YOU do if some girl is totally head over heels for you and despite she’s unable to sort out her feelings, she’s earnest in her actions.
          Ako has tried all she was able to do and got rejected ver and over again.
          And, since she’s literally the hottest girl out of the bunch (except for Nanako), he’s either gay, sexual of sexually challenged.


      3. Hatzu

        You bring up an interesting point there, should you fuck a retarded (hot)girl if she throws herself at you, if you ask me, no you shouldn’t, that’s despicable.
        The MC here like in most harem or other anime is portrayed as someone who cares about his girls personality and one can usually assume that means he is pursuing a serious relationship, he was not portrayed as someone who chooses a girl based only on looks for a cheap score. If I was the latter, I would focus my efforts towards Yui lol.
        What I really would do though would be closer to the MC here. For one I wouldn’t be so desperate as to immediately accept a girl with such issues. If your going into a serious relationship with such a person you could have a difficult life ahead of you, it’s a big responsibility, not to mention a big risk in various ways. I would proceed cautiously I think, I would treasure her as a friend, but there are probably many good reasons to go for a more desirable woman, sadly for Ako who might have been dealt a bad hand in life. Which is exactly what makes MC so admirable, that in spite of all the backdraws he chooses to push on with the romantic relationship. (eventually at least, but even so one might say rather hasty, they haven’t known each other in RL for even a full school year)



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