FMP S01 BDs 09/24

Let’s get this one moving forward too…

Torent (NT) | Torrent (AD)

I knew this would happen at one point or another…
ep07v1 (NT) | ep07v1 (AD)


5 thoughts on “FMP S01 BDs 09/24

  1. soretakasa

    Did you watch Nagi no Asukara?
    If you did not then please can you try it!
    It’s very great series.
    Similar to True Tears.


  2. soretakasa

    Is something wrong with your website?
    I opened this page so many times. It was not showing my comment but then all of the sudden…


  3. K_PX

    Can you check ep.07?
    Seems to be the original KAA subs.
    No OP, no ED, different fonts and wrong timing.



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