Beachrararara BDs 08/12

It’s that episode, yup.
You better enjoy the girls’ innocence— no seriously, what peer group is this series aimed at?
Is there any 15 years old girl in the world who’s aspiring to become a fortune teller?

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2 thoughts on “Beachrararara BDs 08/12

  1. Hatzu

    That’s a very good question, this show feels like a religious cartoon for educational purpuses at times, but stick with it, it’s still great when you get over those part.


  2. I Predict Fanservice

    to be fair, there would probably be lots of kids aspiring to be fortune tellers if fortune telling could actually, y’know, predict the future, or do other supernatural tricks. Which, apparently, in this world it can, at least to some extent. In which case, it would actually be a pretty cool superpower. (It’s just in our RL world where fortune telling mostly predicts that suckers will be soon separated from their money)



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