Tsuyokiss v2 is happening

Etzimal bought the DVDs, so here we go again.
Together with fresh video, I’ll rework the scripts here and there to ensure maximum placebo while watching.
Tsuyokiss was my first series project at Tsundere back in 2011 with a complete batch release in October 2012.
What makes this series so great is that it spawns not only one, but five tsundere characters.
At that point, it was a port of the TL by AnimeU&Serin (ep1) / Serin (ep2-3) / YourMom (ep4-12) / Neibs (OPED) and TLC’d, modified by 3 Editors, then retimed  with additional translated extra scenes between the episode parts and— screw that, I don’t remember every person who was involved…
Oosran did a great bunch, lyger, Neibs, Insemination, Jak and others provided additional help on different roles.

3 thoughts on “Tsuyokiss v2 is happening

  1. Hatzu

    I can see why you would want to spend more time on this one, it was a fun series, thanks for clueing me on to this one! There is so much tsundere it created some NicoMaki’esc moments sometimes which was great.



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