To celebrate the downfall of BD groups…

Requests are open.
Exceptions: RKB, Kodomo no Jikan & all splatter series (Corpse Party, Blood+ etc).
Series with the most votes in the comments gets a release.

Edit: Illya 3rei is a go.
Tsuki ga Kirei is a go, too.

I’m open for one more.

50 thoughts on “To celebrate the downfall of BD groups…

    1. Gil Raven

      Another vote for saijaku muhai no bahamut with fff subs its bds were never finished with fff there is one 720p bd with heroine subs but its ridddled with mistakes.


  1. niol

    Downfall? Which groups are we talking about?
    Requesting Kare Kano, technically not a BD but it doesn’t have a good release.


    1. charon

      BakaBT has the best release of KareKano that currently exists. According to the encoder, it is unlikely that there will ever be a better once because the DVDs are terrible quality and need a lot of time just to get the image quality presentable.


  2. Xeiros

    Needs better/proper BD/DVD release:

    One Outs.

    The only complete digital release is pretty subpar one by B2E with the subtitles obviously lacking in QC. A better release is possible, but it requires a lot more work than just retiming their subs to a better encode.

    Yama no Susume S2

    This just straight up never got a proper BD release by anyone. The best you can find is a patchjob release some anon made using the awful Ohys BD raws with Doki’s subs.

    Currently airing shows:

    Mahoujin Guru Guru

    The official subs are seriously lacking in the songs and more importantly typesetting department. Like One Outs, this would require a good deal of effort to do well. If a proper group already has plans to do a BD release of this series in the future, great, but right now it’s easily one of the most overlooked Summer 2017 anime so I highly doubt it.


  3. Mii

    Chobits. I’m not happy with any of the BD releases out there, either incorrectly handled telecine or too much filtering.


  4. Kageaki

    Looking forward to more Illya.

    I’d like to vote for Girls und Panzer der Film and OVA. The OVA doesn’t have any good releases yet and it would be nice to have an alternative to commie for the movie. And seconding Owarimonogatari S2 though you’d probably only do it if you were a big fan of the series.


  5. bommel

    One vote for Madlax (has however only a DVD release yet, so it’s rather difficult to celebrate the downfall of BD groups with it).



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