Kiss X Sis OVA BDs 01


Y’all know what this is…
Encoded from scratch to 720p with a massive 24bit audio for maximum flacebo.
No 1080p.
Subs I’m using as follows: Ep00-Ep04: Ayako + Ep05-Ep11: Nishishi
Styles are aligned to nishishi for all episodes with minor corrections and fixes where/if needed.
The OPED is also from nishishi.
Please do note that I deem SFX signs (“Tug” / “Blush” / “Pull” etc.) as unnecessary and thus, those are not typeset.
I’m taking my time with this project and will ignore any questions about a set date for further episodes.

Torrent (NT) | Torrent (AD)


13 thoughts on “Kiss X Sis OVA BDs 01

  1. Kurausukun

    Oshit, I haven’t watched the OVA version of this in quite a while. Thanks for picking this up, it’ll be a nice trip down memory lane… with plot.


  2. kojika

    A few minor errors seem to have slipped through the net.

    02:22 Your tounge…
    18:35 Quit talking nonesense…
    21:53 …so you {can} rub…



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