Happy New Year..?


This is my 2018’s pledge.
I won’t spout neccessities like I wish to follow my leads and continue seeking my place in life.
I’m not writing how I wish everybody a happy new year.
I write how I will love you with the same deep feelings that I’ve been loving you with.
I will continue loving you from the deepest spot inside of me, not caring a single bit about others for these folks are less important to me than you.
I will do my best to fulfill any of your wishes, be they for a lesser or a greater good.
I won’t try to impress you with new habits, but instead will try being a better person at doing the things I know.
I love you more than I value my life that has become better due to your influence.
I love you more than the person I stopped achieving to be… instead will I earnestly allow my feelings for you to slowly make myself a better person while staying true to who I am, just little by little.
I want everything to continue as it is and not have to worry about taking my path alone.
Kyou, I love you so much…

And yes, that’s a three liters magnum bottle of Champagne.


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