PMH DVDs 10/23

Friendly reminder that his project is also still alive.
I’m still looking for someone to TL the OPED/(s) since they’re untranslated in the Kira-Chihiro scripts I’m basing the subs on.
A TLC/Editor would also be nice but eh…

Torrent (NT) | Torrent (AD)

6 thoughts on “PMH DVDs 10/23

  1. SomeDudeOnTheNet

    Reseed request for 4-6(NT) or 1-6(AD)? Both of these seem to have zero seeds.

    I don’t know that I can say that I’d be a lot of good as TLC, but I could probably take a stab at editing.


  2. SomeDudeOnTheNet

    I got files from IRC, though I note that the NT torrent for 1-3 has files named for FLAC, the AD torrent has then named for AC3, though file checksums remain the same. (Yep Copy the file and rename from FLAC to AC3 and it seeds just fine. I suspect that the FLAC designation is probably incorrect.)

    In any case, I’m seeding both torrents now, so problem solved for the moment.



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