K-On!! BDRip 01-03

The student band “After School Tea Time” (lead guitarist Yui Hirasawa, bassist Mio Akiyama, drummer Ritsu Tanaika, and keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki) are ready to graduate and take their band to new heights during their last year.
But before they can do that, they must recruit new members to ensure the survival of the light music club! Oh noes!
Between band practice, club recruitment, and studying, the girls stumble through daily teenager life: concerts, college applications, holidays, and vacations. Oh noes!
Along with junior club member Azusa Nakano, the girls of K-On!! are ready to make their senior year of high school a great one!

It’s about damn time for K-On season 2 in fabulous 1080p.
The second season has the same styling as S01 with little alterations on the ED, uses Frostii subs as dialog base script and Elysium’s OPED, along with their signs (mod.) and fantabulous 24bit FLAC audio.
Errbody say moe moe kyun!

Eat Up (NT)

5 thoughts on “K-On!! BDRip 01-03

  1. Eruzo

    Thanks for starting this one. been seeing it as planned for a long time. Never got a good encode for the last episodes of S2 so your work on S2 is very much appreciated.


  2. LJK21

    And I was just comparing the other day on which release to watch season 2. Looking forward to it.


  3. Olli Jatila

    Been looking for a good encode on which to archive K-On. I hope you keep this up to completion.



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