Demonbane DVDs 01+02

Welp, here we go:
Episodes 1 and 2 introduces a city-sized mecha performing ‘Atlantis Strike’ against another city-sized mecha, an attack which can destroy a large cityscape (and it does that),
two Grimoires that behold infinte powers with cute girl avatars,
Nyarlathotep – the (busty) ‘Messenger of Azatoth’, a Lovecraft thingie which renders humanity so little that we humans and our dimension(s) are but a ‘facet of the coexistence of a three layers structure entity’ inside a dream of that Azatoth, so if Azatoth wakes up, everything ends – makes a short, casual appearance as ‘Naia/Nya’ in a magic library,
and we learn of an organization that follows ‘evil schemes’; The Black Lodge – with a supervillain that can easily destroy a city (or maybe the entire universe, god knows? Or maybe, god doesn’t because the supervillain killed him already?)
with strange subordinates piloting giant mechas.
Is that enough input for you?

Why am I doing this?
That’s why.
Seriously tho, my current dvdrip is awful in all aspects, so I’m using those [DmonHiro][Retrofit][Shinsen]-subs, modified to a more 2018-like design.
I’ve run into a weird occurence that has the correctly timed subs appear a frame too early on the final video resulting in massive reverse scenebleeds, so I applied a manual 50ms delay to the script and it looks cool now.
However, since this is a first for me, if this turns out to be a playback issue on my end, please let me know… I might blame KCP (but cccp is so outdated) for that or I dunno.

Torrent (NT)

4 thoughts on “Demonbane DVDs 01+02

  1. dariusdd

    I am fairly sure KCP is also outdated as hell right now. Last I checked, it was updated in 2016 or so. I recommend going for the manual instalation of all the stuff in that case.


  2. ghoX

    Thank you very much Squiggy! :)
    Are you going to do the alternative OVA adaptation of this one, too, or nah?


  3. Nyann

    First, thanks for picking up this show.
    Regarding the bleeding issue, it should be KCP’s issue. I also ran into this bug in its version 11 or so.
    I just go with a stable version and do not update KCP constantly, since there is no guarantee that newer versions do not introduce new bugs. I have v10.30 with latest version of MPC-HC.



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