This time on Demonbane…

Episode 05 begins with a beach fanservice scene, followed by an onsen scene, followed by an ancient god being resurrected for which Demonbane has to be called, so “Nya” helps out by giving Al her pages Cthugha and Ithaqua back, which are the Tyrant’s handguns of fire and ice that Demonbane then uses as giant laser beams to kill the ancient god “Dagon” and finally, Kurou gets slapped off the ship.
Episode 6 provides more fanservice, introduces Ennea who makes Al jealous leading to a misunderstanding with Dr. West, and who is also sought by evil mobsters from Anticross who of course have Deus Machinas, so once again Demonbane is summoned despite the difference in power and Kurou once more abuses his body to summon the Tyrant Guns, but it ends with a cliffhanger – will Demonbane’s newly acuqired power wipe out the Anticross members, or maybe the whole country?
We’ll see!

Torrent (NT)

4 thoughts on “This time on Demonbane…

  1. Phil

    I dont wanna look a gift horse in the mouth, But i LOVE Demonbane, and have been looking for a high quality version of it. Any idea if you’ll ever get back to this or is the BD rip of Demonbane dead?



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