Gurren Lagann BDs 04-06

This just in Kamina’s face — Falcon Punch! (actually there’s a double-entendre in this sentence)
Also includes the special 12min ep05.5 “My Gurren is Shining!!”, which ‘can’ be considered TTGL’s OVA, although I found it to be pretty pointless (even for an OVA), but you’ll see.
The visual quality is considerably worse than the main series due to whatever reason; it just looks cheap and that’s not (just) because of the high crf that the video was encoded with.
The script is mainly [DEXA] who took it from Nyoro~n, now with actually decent timing, loltsing and proper styles (same as the main series ofc).
I dunno who was responsible for the timing, but s/he should instantly quit fansubbing.
That’s all so far.

Torrent (NT)

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