Are there still people thinking I took Demonbane seriously?
Took the time to OCR the hardsubbed Shinsen release I had lying around and reworked the script from there – while I think I caught everything, in case you find an oddity like I-L or weird/double spaces (ocr stuff) that I overlooked, please let me know.
There were a few threeliners that didn’t get caught by Subrip so I manually noted the timestamps and added the missing content during the script correction phase before retiming.
In case you need the original srt, just follow this link.
I also edited three notable things;
“Ar Agif” -> “Al Azif”
“Daiyuuji” -> “Daijuji”
“Narkal Code” -> “Nacaal Code” (consistency)
and I should add that “Arkham City”, the city DB takes place in is named “Archime City” in the OVA, so I left it as-is.
No typesetting done due to >OCRing hardsubs.
Also, if anyone happens to possess the PS2 bonus disc (bassgs435, bro c’mon, I bet you got five copies of it next to your Demonbane daki), I’d gladly replace the existing raw with a fresh encode (it’s the one on rutracker but I trimmed off the first 3 seconds).


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