KxS OVA BDs 09

Back to writing English, time to set free ep09 (titled 08) into the wild.
By the way, I’ve given my most recent project top priority, which means 104 episodes for two seasons, which means stuff will be delayed.
Said series is a dub project for a change and basically useless for English-speakers as it’s  in German, so there are no tedious scripts to edit and typeset and whatnot, just encoding and adjusting/synching the audio, which takes about 10-20 minutes per episode including minimal typesetting (there’s gonna be a tad more in S02) and 7h to encode, so it’ll take a while.
Stuff that will be delayed until completion: Five Leaves, Haruhi, Tsuki ga Kirei, Higurashi and 11eyes.
Kiss X Sis should be the first to finish, followed by Hellsing and/or Tsuyokiss – but less frequently until I’m done with Digimon.

Torrent (NT)


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