K-On BDs 07-09

Another day, another instance of cute girls doing cute things.

At the moment, I don’t accept open requests due to the massive amount of active and planned projects.
Exceptions may apply but will most likely not (unless you’re a BDMV/DVDISO provider) and no, there is only one resolution per series.

Torrent (NT)
Torrent ep09v1 (NT)
xdelta-Patch ep09v1 (DDL)

4 thoughts on “K-On BDs 07-09

  1. anon

    Not sure if you check nyaa comments so I’ll repost the ones I found for episode 1-3 here

    “A few things to keep in mind if you’re going to make a batch for the series.
    Ep 1 – @4:48, The episode title doesn’t have signs.
    @24:06, The next episode title is supposed to say “Clean-up!” not “Organize!”
    Ep 2 – @4:11, Ritsu has dialogue that has no translation.
    Ep 3 – @2:57, The episode title is supposed to say “Drummer!” not “Drums!”


    1. squiggy Post author

      Thanks o/
      Reporting my mistakes over here is the better method for me since I rarely check older torrents before the batch, if at all.


      1. janik2009

        Kann es sein, dass bei Folge 9 generell die Fonts fehlen? Trotzdem auf alle Fälle danke für den Release!



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