11 Eyes BDs 01-02

Since losing his sister seven years ago, Kakeru Satsuki has led a vacant life.
He has only been able to return to normal with help from his (mentally challenged) childhood friend, Yuka Minase, and a few other friends at school.
Then one day the sky turns red, the moon turns black, everyone around Kakeru and Yuka disappears and monsters start roaming the streets – this virtual world is nicknamed “Red Night” by the pair.
After several more incidents, they find four other humans affected by this mysterious phenomenon:
Misuzu Kusakabe, a red-haired onmyouji swordswoman; Kukuri Tachibana, a strange mute girl who resembles Kakeru’s deceased sister in both looks and name; Yukiko Hirohara, a lively young girl who takes on the personality of a cold killer when her glasses are removed; and Takahisa Tajima, a young pyrokineticist with a heated attitude to boot.
Kakeru wants to protect Yuka in return for her constant support and kindness, but is unable to awaken his own hidden power, which Misuzu promises will eventually appear.

Man I had some fun watching 11 Eyes when it aired on TV… and now we’re here again.
I chose FTV-Wasurenai as sub source since they already have released a 720p-BDRip, which saves me shifting… or so one would think.
In reality, I fixed small bits everywhere, redid some typesets and blah blah blah… the usual.
Bestgirl is obviously Misuzu because Yuka is retarded to the degree that she only says “Kakeru-kun!”, much like Noriko in Tsuyokiss and I’m not much a fan of lolis or meganekkos.

Torrent (NT)

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