Harukana-chan TV 03

In this episode we meet the extremely well-endowed sisters, aho-Claire and Emily-oneechan (who is actually younger than Claire).
These two are totally adorable and also a real addition to the series and holy crap… just watch this week’s match; it’s about ten minutes long.
At the end of the episode, we even get to see o** G***** (!!) as the only male in the show.
Have I also mentioned how surprised I was to see the animation being that fluid?
The volleyball may be CGI but I don’t mind that specifically.
As previously stated, OPED follows whenever the lyrics are translated and available.
Personally, I totally wouldn’t mind it if someone went like “yo Squiggy I got that OPED covered for ya”, but I don’t expect this to happen.

Torrent (NT)

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