Hellsing DVDs

Less than ten minutes after the previous post:
<OneShade> I heard there’s a need to translate like 17 lines for Hellsing? I might be able to help
<&Squiggy> lol
<&Squiggy> that was fast

Magic happened and Hellsing got released.
Guest appearances and thanks to: Moonfire (RoFL), Haremless (LSD), OneShade (no idea)
The dialog is R1, being the only choice.

Torrent (NT)

1 thought on “Hellsing DVDs

  1. Shio

    About a week ago, I submitted an entry at the “ToFix” page to let you know there are still missing lines (and 2 other minor things). I’m letting you know here too, because I just read in the previous post that you want be done with Hellsing.



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