Tachibanakan Triangle BD

When Natsuno Hanabi went back to her hometown to study in high school, she thought that she will have a new wonderful life.
But Tachibanakan, the dormitory she was going to live in, was not what she expected.

<Etzimal> hey
<Etzimal> bd a yuri show for me
<Etzimal> <3
<Etzimal> its a short
<Squiggy> Which one?
<Etzimal> i guess there is a tsundere in it
<Etzimal> tachibanaka triangle
<Etzimal> or something
<Etzimal> my bd just shipped
<Etzimal> i think
<Squiggy> Yea. Good. Stuff. I’ll do it.

Following the above conversation, the usual stuff happened resulting in a complete release of this shortie which uses YuriClub’s scripts for ep01-03 and HorribleSubs for the rest.
However, there’s a rather high amount of signs in this series, that are mostly easy to reproduce on the one hand but still needed tracking and layers and shit on the other, so typesetting took me a while and also a good bunch of nerves as you can probably imagine (or not).
The styling/ED is taken over from YuriClub to all episodes.
Tachibanakan was a little boring for me and static… the SFX-signs sometimes moved more than the characters and there was hardly any plot (I know it’s a 4min but still).
Mildly amusing, I’d say.

Torrent (NT)

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