Tsuyokiss (2018 rerelease) DVDs

And we’re done over here.
The overall product is quite okay I suppose, but I don’t want to work with old dvds anymore as the picture quality is usually horrible and a pain to encode without scenefiltering.
Tsuyokiss is based on the hardsubbed TV release by AnimeU&Serin (e01), Serin (e02-e03), YourMom (e04-e12) with an added OPED-TL by Neibs, TLC/Edit by Insemination+me, numerous TLs (Oosran, DTryPleX, Neibs, lygerzero0zero, puddizzle, convexity) worked on the SPs and also small bits suggested by various IRC users all over rizon whose names I don’t remember right now {the scripts know more}.
While the series itself isn’t really a killer, also in terms of animation/sound quality (remember, Clannad, EF, TTGL & Claymore were 2007), it can be seen as a trademark series of this fansub project with four main/side characters embodying different forms of the tsundere character (even MC-kun lol).
Personally, while I don’t mind one or two of this archetype, four of them being squeezed into a 12ep anime, combined with “sudden-random-mostly-terrible-fanservice” is a bit overload – but still not as bland as the two main characters are.

Torrent (NT)

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